Who Says You’re Not Beautiful

Are you pretty?

Are you beautiful?

Look the same,

tons of difference, in a way. 
What do you call beautiful?

That flip of the hair. That colour of the skin.

That shade of the eyes. That shape of the nose. 
Is that beautiful?!

That’s pretty.

And pretty, you don’t have much choice over.
But truly, from deep inside, it’s interesting, but not THAT interesting.

What, it’s pleasing to the eye?

It may be.

But you know what lights up a spark? 

That which pleases the heart!

And it starts pleasing the eyes too.
Enough of it.

Enough curling your hair to make it gorgeous.

Enough wearing of lens, to give the eyes that shade.

Enough hiding your face behind all that make-up.
Come out, darling.

Come out from behind that curtain you’re hiding yourself with. 

Come out into the open. 
Show me what’s inside. 

The soul that dwells within. 

With all its hopes and dreams and fears and shortcomings.

With all its laughter and sadness.

With all its madness.

Let me see that.
Not saying you should never wear make-up. Or stop using jewellery. Yes, they add to your personality.

But stop ‘determining your worth’ by what you look like. 

See, the problem doesn’t lie with these things. 

The problem lies with the way you embrace them, as if they define who are you.

Because they don’t.

They most definitely don’t, my dear.  
So let the world sing its songs. Let it chant its anthems of body and skin shades and figures. 

But please, not here.

Not the details of what you look like, because I’m not interested in the ‘walls’ that hold you.

Show me you.

Show me you. 
And just know, that what you are from the outside, is pretty.

But what you are from the inside, is ‘real’. 

And real is beautiful. 

Because in real, there is no perfect shape or ideal size or matching shade. 

It is you.
And what You are,

Is enough. 


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