Behind The Curtain.

To show our good side, is easy.

To show the good disguised as bad, is also easy.

So we tell about the anger we have. We talk about the hatred we harbour, towards others. The envy we feel.

But there’s a trend, if we look closely.

We’ll talk about our anger and the abusive language we used, and we’ll acknowledge how we blew it, but we’ll explain the ‘reason’ behind it. How it touched a value, how it was for a friend, how it was the negation of a principle. Everything.

And we’ll talk about being irritated or annoyed by someone, but we’ll mention how they disturb a certain part of us, how we don’t like a certain un-like-able thing about them. 

And we’ll talk about the envy we have. And how that’s because we wish for the ‘good’ they have too. But we won’t bring in jealousy often. How we wish pure harm for the other.
So it is common, and it is easy, to show our bad, our ‘justified’ bad. Justified by us through explanation, or more subtle, which we know the other will see in a certain positive light, which they’ll see as a contributing part to our character, a part of ‘me’, and hence, acceptable to some extent. We show the black, but underlying it is a sliver of light we’re conscious of. 

Like a stage, with a curtain, where the lead role is taken up right at the front by the ‘good’ that we put up. And the bad also plays, behind the good, but still. In front of the curtain. Because it can be put up on the stage. 
But then there’s something behind the curtain, we never allow to be brought out, to be displayed, in any shape or form.
What about someone, or some instance, which shows the bad, ‘as it is’? Those deepest, cruelest, meanest, ‘uncensored’ desires? Without any mask of justification or reason. Without anything. Just black, without even a sliver of light.

Which you know stands unjustified in any moral law. And, more importantly, which stands ‘completely’ unjustified, in your own eyes. 
When you hand over ‘that’ part of you, let someone peek behind the curtain, into that dark abyss you spend all your conscious and unconscious life, hiding from sight. From others’ sight, and your own.
What about it, then.

When someone lifts up a corner of that curtain, for you to see. 
What do you do then? 

If not wonder.

At their courage.

At their honesty.

And at the


you have been given. 


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